Taking care of your family and your legacy

As we often find with the older generation of families we serve, the husband is usually the family steward – the person who manages the financial matters. Understandably, family stewards want to make sure that their loved ones will be taken care of once they pass on.

It’s why many family stewards feel we are the right fit for them. They know we work very well with women and there will be continuity to help ensure their spouses and children will be taken care of, their legacy will be preserved, and their estate plan will be executed according to their wishes.

We encourage family stewards to bring their spouse and even their adult children to our meetings. This can ensure that when the time comes, we will have already established a relationship and a comfort level of working together.

We speak in a language our clients understand, partnering with and empowering them to help them make better financial decisions.
Danielle Blunt, CFP®, CDFA®; President, BWS; Financial Advisor, RJFS