A special focus on serving women

One of our specialties is working with women, specifically addressing the unique financial goals, needs and concerns they have. They may be experiencing a life-changing event, such as the loss of a spouse or partner through death or divorce, or they may be busy businesswomen or professionals who realize they could benefit from experienced financial guidance.

Women want to work with an advisor who is highly knowledgeable about the crucial financial matters at hand, one who will provide guidance at every step and speak with them as an equal in an easy-to-understand way and, most importantly, take a personal interest in seeing them make progress along the way. That’s what you will find at Blunt Wealth Services, founded and led by a woman and dedicated to serving you.

We are highly experienced in assisting women in all of these situations. As more and more women are taking greater control of their financial futures, we are proud to play an important role in advising them.

We speak in a language our clients understand, partnering with and empowering them to help them make better financial decisions.
Danielle Blunt, CFP®, CDFA®; President, BWS; Financial Advisor, RJFS